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Dec 25, 2023

TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) inkjet printer is a common inkjet printer, often used to print product date, batch number, bar code, QR code and other information. TIJ inkjet printer uses thermal inkjet technology, which heats the ink in the nozzle to generate bubbles to drive the ink to be ejected onto the printing media to achieve high-speed, high-quality printing effects.


TIJ inkjet printers have the following advantages:


Simple and easy to use: Easy to operate, just connect the power supply, ink and controller, no complicated debugging and installation process required.

High-quality printing: With high resolution and precision, it can print clear and delicate images and text.

High-speed printing: suitable for high-speed palletizing lines, production lines and other occasions that require fast printing.

Wide application: can be printed on a variety of materials, such as paper, plastic film, glass, metal, etc.

Low maintenance cost: The ink supply method is simple, the replacement of the ink cartridge is convenient, and the maintenance cost is low.

As a professional inkjet printer supplier, Ditu Import and Export Co., Ltd. provides various types of TIJ inkjet printers, including desktop inkjet printers, portable inkjet printers, integrated inkjet printers, etc.

These inkjet coding equipment can be widely used in food and beverage, daily chemicals, medicine, electronics and other industries to meet the coding needs of different customers. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and complete after-sales services to ensure that customers achieve good results and experience in the field of inkjet printing and packaging.

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