Popular Smart Handheld Inkjet Printer

Jan 23, 2024


A handheld inkjet printer is a portable coding device used for marking and coding on different material surfaces.


The steps to operate a handheld inkjet printer are usually as follows:


1. Preparation: Make sure the handheld inkjet printer is charged or connected to a power source, and the appropriate ink cartridge or ink is installed.


2. Set parameters: Set the parameters of the inkjet printer according to the content you need to print and the materials you want to mark. These parameters can include font size, print speed, print mode, etc.


3. Prepare materials: Prepare the materials that need to be coded, and make sure the surface is dry, clean and flat to ensure good coding results.


4. Mark: Aim the handheld inkjet printer at the location that needs to be coded, and press the print button or trigger switch to start coding.hold the printer directly close to the material surface to print.

             depending on the device, you may need to hold the printer down and move it


5. Check the results: Wait for a while for the ink to dry, and then check whether the print results are clearly visible. Corrections, adjustments, or reprints can be made if necessary.


Handheld inkjet printers can usually print a variety of text, numbers, bar-codes, QR codes, patterns and other content. Exactly what can be printed depends on the capabilities of the device itself and software support.

handheld inkjet printers can also support multiple fonts, multi-language printing and other functions.

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