How to choose inkjet printer

Dec 25, 2023

Inkjet printer is a device used for inkjet marking on products or packaging, there are two types of hand-held inkjet printer and online inkjet printer. There are some differences in how they are used, applicable scenarios and functions.


1. Usage:

- Handheld inkjet printer: Handheld inkjet printer is a handheld device, the operator can directly hand the machine on the product or packaging for coding, high flexibility.

- Online inkjet printer: The online inkjet printer is usually installed on the production line and connected to the conveyor belt and other equipment to realize the automatic inkjet process without manual intervention.


2. Application Scenario:

- Hand-held inkjet printer: suitable for scenarios that require mobile operation, such as special-shaped products, large products or situations where inkjet equipment cannot be installed directly.

- Online inkjet printer: suitable for production lines requiring efficient and continuous inkjet coding, it can be integrated with other automation equipment to achieve high-speed and continuous inkjet coding.


3. Functional features:

- Hand-held printer: Usually has a small font library and a short printer distance, suitable for simple identification needs such as date, batch number, etc.

- Online inkjet printer: usually has more functional options, can achieve a variety of fonts, patterns, two-dimensional code and other complex identifiers, but also supports high-speed inkjet and long-distance inkjet.


When choosing a printer, you can consider the following factors:


1. Coding needs: Clarify your coding needs, including coding content, coding speed, marking complexity, etc.

2. Use scenario: According to your production line or mode of operation, determine whether hand-held inkjet printer or online inkjet printer is more suitable for your needs.

3. Budget constraints: Handheld inkjet printers are usually cheaper, while online inkjet printers may require higher investment. Consider options based on your budget.


In addition, the following factors can also be considered: equipment brand and quality, after-sales service and technical support, equipment stability and ease of use.


The best choice should be determined according to your specific needs and budget, it is recommended to carefully study the various models and brands of inkjet printers before buying, and consult with suppliers to ensure that the selection of the most suitable inkjet printer.

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