• Why we choose handheld inkjet printer
    Why we choose handheld inkjet printer Dec 25, 2023
    Why we choose handheld inkjet printer,there are so many advantages as below that we cannot reject.   Portability: The handheld inkjet printer is small in size, can be easily operated by hand, and is suitable for inkjet needs in different locations, such as packaging boxes, pipes, item surfaces, etc. They usually come with a touch screen for easy operation and control.   Flexibility: The hand-held inkjet printer can realize the spirit of inkjet, you can manually move the inkjet equipment, or the irregular object for inkjet. Compared with online inkjet printers that need to send products into the inkjet area, handheld inkjet printers are more suitable for handling large sizes or items that are difficult to move.   Simple operation: Handheld inkjet printers usually have a user-friendly interface and a simple way to operate. Simply enter the desired text, image or barcode, adjust the printing parameters, and then ink the code with the tap of a button.

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