• which kind of printer dont need any inks
    which kind of printer dont need any inks Apr 11, 2024
    Portable laser marking printer, also known as a battery laser printer or handheld laser engraving machine, for their date coding or marking needs.Which is not only small size, fast speed, accurate positioning but also has long service life and maintenance free.  The key feature of a portable laser marking machine is its built-in battery, which allows it to operate without being connected to a power source. This portability makes it highly convenient for on-site applications, where accessibility to power outlets might be limited or impractical. The battery-powered laser engraving machine enables you to mark objects in different locations without the need for a constant power supply. Portable laser marking machines are commonly used for date coding, serial numbering, barcode marking, logo engraving, product labeling, and other types of permanent marking on various products and materials. They offer precise and high-quality marking results, allowing for customization, identification, and traceability purposes. These machines typically have user-friendly interfaces, including software that allows you to design and program your desired marking patterns. The laser beam emitted by the machine is controlled and directed to the surface through a scanning system or a galvanometer system, ensuring accuracy and speed during the marking process.

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