• TIJ VS CIJ Printer Mar 04, 2024
    Inkjet printer is a kind of printing equipment commonly used in packaging, manufacturing and other industries, for printing text, images, bar codes and other information on products and packaging. TIJ (Hot ink jet) and CIJ (Continuous ink jet) are two common inkjet printer types. Here are their advantages:   Advantages of TIJ printer: 1. Simple and easy to use: TIJ inkjet printer usually has a user-friendly interface and operating system, easy to operate and easy to use. 2. Low cost: TIJ printer does not require consumables, such as solvents, etc., so the maintenance cost is relatively low. Cartridge replacement is also relatively simple and economical. 3. High resolution: TIJ inkjet printer usually has a high printing resolution, which can print clear and detailed text and images. 4. Wide range of application: TIJ printer is suitable for different types of surface printing, including paper, plastic, glass, metal and so on.   CIJ printer advantages: 1. High-speed printing: The CIJ inkjet machine has the ability of rapid continuous inkjet, suitable for printing needs on high-speed production lines. 2. A variety of printing media: CIJ inkjet printer can print a variety of surface types, including flat, convex, rough and other different materials of products. 3. Multi-color printing: Some CIJ inkjet printers can realize multi-color printing, and can print out color text, images, etc. 4. Can adapt to harsh environment: CIJ printer usually has strong durability and ability to adapt to harsh environment, can operate stably under high temperature, high humidity, dust and other conditions.   To choose the right printer, you need to consider the specific application needs, production conditions and budget factors. TIJ inkjet printers are suitable for small enterprises or smaller production lines, while CIJ inkjet printers are more suitable for large-scale production, high-speed online printing and other demanding scenarios.

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