B19 Pneumatic strapping machine

Portable Pneumatic baler buckle free

13-19mm PP/PET strapping belts

uses air source to provide power, packaging speed is faster, can greatly improve work efficiency, save time and labor costs.

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    B19 pneumatic strapping machine
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    1 unit
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    7 working days
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Model:B19 Baler

Upper limit of workingg pressure:0.8mpa

Working pressure range:0.5-0.7mpa(72-100psi)

Ideal Working pressure:0.63mpa

Net weight:3.6kg

Binding force:3500N

Machine size:300*150*180mm

Belt:PET plastic belt

Tape width:13-19mm

Tape thickness:0.5-1.5mm

Compressed air consumption:0.3L/min

Welding time:2-5S

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